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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we obviously are going to be connecting a little differently to do our part of complying with the local, state, and national guidelines. So we want to make sure you have one place to get all the ways you can stay connected during this time. This includes video updates from Bret, links to Church Online, links to Kids Ministry videos and resources, Student Ministry videos and resources, and other things we are planning to do on social media through the week.

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During this time of social distancing, you can let your neighbors if you need some help or if you are someone who can help. Use the resources below.

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A neighbor would love to be able to help you out during this time. Let us know what you need.

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Support Those Around You

Need a Neighbor has been quickly put together as a way for Christian Churches in our area to love and serve our neighbors during this period of social distancing brought on by COVID-19.

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One Life Online

For the foreseeable future s we will be continuing Church Online where we can join in together for worship, teaching, prayer, and connection through the live chat room. If for some reason this online service fails, you can always watch the service on the One Life App as well. We really encourage you to join in at one of the live service times where we can interact with each other. It's so much better when we are all together.



One Lifers,

Every Easter is special but I think we all know, because of the current situation, this one is going to be special on a whole new level.

This Easter One Lifers will have options and opportunities to help make the day special.

One Life has a part in 3 different efforts going on in the Tri-State: 

1) We will be offering our online services at 9AM, 11AM, 4PM and 6PM.  We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to join with others from around the Tr-State and around the country as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus — virtually. We would also encourage you to send out invitations to those you know who don’t have a church home.

2) A group of churches in Evansville have invited us to join a city-wide “drive-in” service that will be held at Eastland Mall.  There will be a live worship team and live preaching but everyone participates by staying in their cars and listening through the radio.  We wanted to show our support for this Easter expression because we believe strongly in the importance of city-wide church unity. It will be happening at 11AM. The details are below. This is an option some of you would enjoy taking advantage of. [NOTE: We would advise our Henderson people to NOT attend because we want to honor the Governor of Kentucky’s request to not travel outside the state].

3) Channel 14 has asked local churches to assemble an Easter service they plan to broadcast on Easter evening at  8:30PM. One Life was asked to participate. I will be doing a reading and a short devotional as a part of this service. Several other Pastors and musicians are contributing different pieces. I would love it if all One Lifers would support this because it is another great statement about the unity of our faith and the unity of our churches in the area.

While this Easter will be challenging and very different, I have watched our own One Life team and other church teams from around the community rally together to do some things that are unprecedented and I think will add up to a very encouraging and special day. My coaching would be to embrace it. Make the most of it. Use the entire day to celebrate the hope we have through the resurrection!

Grace, love and peace to you all,


WORSHIP TOGETHER ONLINE – 9:00 AM / 11:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 6:00 PM

A City Wide “Drive-In” Church Service at Eastland Mall
(800 N. Green River Road, Evansville)

How will the City Wide “Drive-In’ Church Service at Eastland Mall work?
You can wave to others, honk your horn and look across the aisles into the other cars, and SEE that God is doing something special in our midst. We have something to celebrate – the HOPE of Jesus Christ! That is what Easter is all about.

Please Note:  We have worked with area government and medical officials to make sure we remain in compliance with CDC recommendations for social distancing during this service. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please join us online. 
These are the guidelines we will follow.
• Upon arriving at Eastland Mall, we must stay in vehicles at all times.
• Cars must be turned off (request by the City of Evansville).
• Cars must park 6 feet apart (every other parking spot).
• Car windows can not be opened (only cracked for fresh air).

What will the service be like?
• There will be a stage set up in the center of the Eastland Mall parking lot.
• There will be live worship and teaching from many of our local church leaders.
• The service will be broadcast on 104.1.
• You can use the YouVersion Bible App for note-taking.

Is there something for kids?
• Kids’ programming will be available. Plan to bring a device (phone, tablet) and headphones for children.

Plan ahead!
• Bring your own communion elements (bread and juice).
• Please use the Virginia Street and Vogel Avenue Entrances to Eastland Mall. Both Green River Entrances will be closed. Parking Attendants will be available to direct traffic.
• Eastland Mall will not be open. (Restrooms will not be available.)
• Medical Assistance will be available. Should a need occur, please honk or turn on hazard lights for assistance.

We would love to see One Lifers attend that service to show support for the many churches in the area. However, if that’s not practical for you or you’d rather not… simply join us online — both are available at 11AM and we have 3 other time slots for online.  Some may even elect to do both. Why not? It’s Easter!

We can turn this difficult time into a huge win for One Life, your life and churches around the Tri-State.

Kids Ministry Resources

We don't want your kids to miss out on their worship experience this week.
Check out these videos that include worship and the Bible teaching for this week. Get up and worship together, listen to the Bible story with your child, pray together and talk about what they learned.

Preschool Weekly Teaching & Worship

“I am alivefor ever and ever!” |Revelation 1:18, NIV

Elementary + Preteen Teaching & Worship

“Don’t do anythingonly to get ahead.Don’t do it becauseyou are proud.Instead, be humble.Value others morethan yourself.” |Philippians 2:3 (NIrV)


Phil learns how he can trust God during this time.

Student Ministry Resources

During this time of social distancing, we are still connecting for Wednesday Night Students, and providing weekly teaching via the resources below. If you have any questions or want to know how you can connect to a group, email [email protected]

Middle School Students Teaching

High School Students Teaching

Weekly Opportunities To Connect

Growth Groups

Our growth groups are still going to be meeting virtually. Check out our current groups right now.

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