Next Generation

Combining the HEART OF THE HOME with the LIGHT OF THE CHURCH to create a bolder impact on THE NEXT GENERATION

About NextGen

At One Life, we chose from the beginning to make the Next Generation a priority in our church sites.

That means we work hard to have excellence in our resourcing, content, and how we do ministry for the Next Gen.

We want the Next Gen to have a worldview that lines up with the Bible, and we want to impact them from cradle to college so they can experience Jesus fully and live out that experience.

Online Resources

Kids Resources

We don't want your kids to miss out on their worship experience this week.Check out these videos that include worship and the Bible teaching for this week. Get up and worship together, listen to the Bible story with your child, pray together and talk about what they learned.

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Students Resources

We are still connecting for Wednesday Night Students, and providing weekly teaching via the resources below or at your local campus. If you have any questions or want to know how you can connect to a group, email [email protected]

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Want to Serve? - Step 1

Fill out the simple form and let us know you're interested in making a difference in the Next Generation.

Step 2

After you've connected with our Next Gen Team - Fill out an application below for the campus you attend.

Buddy System Form

We work to provide a buddy system for any child who may require a little more one on one attention and care in One Life Kids. You can use the confidential form below to provide us more information so we can best meet the needs of your child.