Our core values are housed within 3 basic principles. Worship. Love. Compassion.

Worship: Worship includes our continual challenge to personal prayer & Bible study and worship services.

Love: Love includes our continual challenge to serve on a team. We have teams that serve both inside the church on Sunday mornings and outside the church in the community.

Compassion: Compassion is our word for impacting those outside the faith both locally & globally. Our compassion outreach strategy is built around the idea of helping to catalyze and fuel city movements. This is best expressed by the goal: Don’t just build a great church, build a great city.

We want you to wear those principles with you wherever you go, and let them be a reminder, and an invitation to bring others along on this journey.

One of our values at One Life is we We don’t just build great churches we build great cities locally and globally because we are called to love people across the street and around the world. With that in mind, we are selling this design to support our City Serve Day projects that will happen on April 13th and support the communities we live, work, and serve in.

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