Huddle // Shadows Part 7

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Huddle time is an opportunity for you to connect to each other and grow in faith. The below questions are just a resource for you to use or start from. Don’t feel like you have to use them all or rush through good discussion

Have you seen Raiders of The Lost Ark?

Did you know there was more than one Ark in the Bible? The other being Noah’s Ark in Genesis.

In 1 Samuel Chapter 4 the Israelites are defeated and the Ark of God is captured by the Philistines.

Why do you think the Israelites lost, even though they had the Ark?

There is a similar principle to be learned when it comes to prayer. Prayer is not our way to power or to make God do what we want, it is our way first and foremost to draw closer to God. When we do this, we are changed and are led by God rather than trying to lead Him.

Have you ever been guilty of violating this principle?  


READ: 1 Samuel – Chapter 5

Why do you think having the Ark didn’t work the way the Philistines expected?

What is the significance of God dismantling the statue of their god Dagon?

What does this teach us about God?

The Philistines new they needed to get rid of the Ark. The Lord guided the Ark back to an Israelite city called Beth Shemesh.


READ: 1 Samuel 6:19-20

Can you relate to the people who wanted to look into the Ark? Would you have been to afraid? If the Ark were somehow found today, would you look into it?

The people asked, “Who can stand in the presence of the Lord, this holy God?”

Why is it so difficult to stand before a “holy” God?

What does this story teach us about the importance of how we approach God?

In the tabernacle and the temple there was a large curtain that separates the the Holy Place (the first room) and the Holy of Holies (the second room) where the Ark of God was kept and the presence of the Lord was said to reside. A priest could enter this room only once a year and with blood that he offered for himself and for the sins of the people.


READ: Mark 15:37-39

What does this detail about the curtain being torn in two tell us about what Jesus accomplished on the cross?

How does this reality affect your concept of how you approach God?


READ: 1 Corinthians 6:18-20

This passage informs believers that we are now temples for God’s Holy Spirit?

What does this reality teach us about God, and His plan?

What does this reality mean to you?

How is this supposed to affect how we live as followers of Jesus?


Pray together as a group.

Top 5 Plug – Grace Marriage // Worship & The Word


These are great questions and can be used one at a time, or one from each section even if time is short. Most importantly if used consistently, then people will be conscious of starting to develop the habits and lifestyle of becoming a disciple.

How have you seen God working in your life in the last week; through successes, failures or disappointments?

Share with me what or who you are praying for and why.
What are you and your team/group members praying for?
At what moment did you feel closest to Christ this week?

Catch me up on scriptures you’re reading.
What is God teaching you through His word and how are you responding?
What scriptures speak to your “made for this”?
What scriptures are you struggling to understand?
What scriptures are you understanding, yet struggling to apply?

How did the Lord use you to show His love this week:
In your family, team, group, or workplace?
In your everyday interaction with others?
Who are you helping to trust and follow Jesus?
What are your plans for next week in the areas of: prayer, bible study and sharing Christ’s love?