Playlist – Part 8 : Team Huddle

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GLS is happening on August 10th and 11th. What’s your favorite GLS talk you have heard?  If you haven’t been what is your favorite leadership skill you have been taught?
Reflections on Project Playlist?  Takeaways? Favorite moments?
Have you been praying the Psalms?  Thoughts on this process?
“Teach us to number our days”, What do you hear when you hear this?
We are temporary, God is everlasting.  Bret said we will know we truly understand this when it impacts our daily lives.  What is he saying when he says this?  What is it about living with that perspective that impacts our lives practically?  
Sunday one of the focusses of the day was engaging the next generation. Highlighting the importance of developing and raising up the next generation to take their place.  How would you rate yourself/your team in developing people younger than you?  1=never thought about it  10=perfectly develop every younger person I see.
What are some intentional things you and your group/team can do to impact the next generation?  How can we consistently measure our impact on that?

What are you and your team/group members praying for?

What is God teaching you through His word and how are you responding?

Who are you helping to trust and follow Jesus?