Because 50: Week 5

Trey McClain   -  

Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:18-20
Worship, Love, Compassion

What does Jesus send his followers to do in Matthew 28? What is a disciple? How as a group or team are you making disciples?
We believe in evaluating for constant improvement. Spend time evaluating your team or group. How are you doing in creating a place of radical belonging? What are you doing well in that regard? What are some steps that you could take to improve in this area?
Who can you invite to join your group or team that would paint a better picture to the world of the radical love of God? How can you be better on mission with God to bring more people into your community?
Watch the spread of the gospel video that Matt showed on Sunday (it’s in the Team Huddle video above). What do you notice when you watch it? What do you think pushed the gospel forward? What do you learn from this video?

Intentional Discipleship Questions

At what moment did you feel closest to God this week?
What Scriptures have you been reading? What is God teaching you through them?
What are your plans in the next week in the areas of: prayer, Bible study and sharing Christ’s love?