More Than Ever: Week 3

Austin Maxheimer   -  

1. I Worship God Because _____________ . Has there been a special or specific area of growth for you personally over the last 5 years?
Intentional Discipleship Question: How have you seen God working in your life this past week?
2. Share your favorite One Life Church moment from the last 5 years. 
Intentional Discipleship Question:Do members of my group feel cared for? 
Ongoing Prayers and Discussion Through More Than Ever Series:
1. Who Should I Invite? November 1 begins Think. Wonder. Explore. series. Who can you invite that needs to hear this message?
2. What Should I Give? Review the 5 Moves and discuss them as a Team: 
3. What is my Call? Where can I re-up in my commitment, tied to my call, for the next 5 years?