Model Family: Week 2

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Worship, Love, Compassion
1. Read Ephesians 5:15-6:4 aloud together as a Team. What themes do you pick up on as you read? Are there repeated words or phrases that give you an idea of the main point of the passage? What does this passage have to tell us about our relationship with God? With ourselves? With others?
2. The three points in the message were that in order to be a Christ-following leader and husband: (1) Meet needs (2) Identify and understand (3) Give yourself up. This is the Biblical definition of love. How does it challenge our cultural understanding of love? Have an open discussion with your Team, how are you doing on these? In your home? On your Team?
3. One of the most compassionate things you can do is listen to someone. Truly listen. Why is listening so powerful? Practice listening in your Team. Have one person share the story of their marriage. Listen well!
Helping one another experience Jesus
Pastor Ryan Nunn said that a goal in his own marriage is for his wife to flourish. As a Team talk about one thing you can do over the next week that can put action to this message. How can you help your spouse flourish over the next week. If you aren’t married, how about someone else in your family? A co-worker? Friend? Write it down and give it to someone else on your Team to pray that you will follow through on it.
Helping people far from God experience Jesus
Pastor Bret mentioned that in our culture, this passage creates a fingernails on the chalkboard type of moment when it mentions that wives should submit to their husbands. Work together as a Team to think through how you would communicate the idea of Christian headship of the family to an Explorer. Remember, the teaching was that it deals with order, not gender. Why is this important? How can you communicate these truths?