How Church? Week 7

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Normally we try to frame the Team Huddle questions around Worship, Love and Compassion. We want all of our Mission Teams to be balanced between the 3:
But in light of the Message from this past week, we wanted to focus all of our Team time on just Love. Explore these questions and action steps together as a Team:
1. How do you see Love being defined in our culture? Do you agree with the statement that Love is typically viewed as generalized niceness?
2. Ask on your Team, “How are you doing?” Now ask, “How are you doing really?”
3. Mission Teams are not volunteer opportunities, they are Love opportunities. What are some Love opportunities you can take advantage of on your Team?
4. How would our church be changed if we talked to other people as they hope to be instead o how we see them?
5. Pastor Bret said something pretty profound–whether he knew it or not!–when he said that God prepared his life experience in order to make the passage of Scripture come alive. We generally think of it as the reverse, we study Scripture to change our life. How do you see God preparing your heart through real life experience to receive His word?
6. The definition for Love proposed Sunday was “specialized devotion”. What does this look like in real life? What is one small step you can take toward this as a Team?
7. What would you sacrifice for the opportunity to Love someone you’ve lost? Why do we not do the same for the real relationships in our lives? 
8. If you think you “got it” when it comes to loving one another, then chances are you don’t. At least not the full picture of it. We are called to Love each other as Jesus loved us. Where do we not “get it”.
9. A good chunk of the message was spent on having a conversation–in love–with others if they are living in sin. The reason is because often we talk about the person behind their back when the sin is obvious instead of taking it directly to them. Pastor Bret stated that none of us would want to be treated that way. What conversation do you need to have? How can you get one of your teammates to hold you accountable to actually having it? 
10. Get together with your Mission Team to just hang out!