Soulful: Week 6

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. Read Ephesians 1:13-14 together. In the message Pastor Bret broke down the two main images in these verses that teach us about our relationship with God: being sealed and receiving and inheritance. Share with your Team what you learned through this.
2. If you knew you were inheriting $20 million at some undetermined point in the future, how would that change how you act now?
3. A powerful point from the message was that God did not just save you from something but to something. That is the whole point of our Mission Teams. Talk with each other about how this is going on your Team. Are you living towards this higher purpose?
Helping One Another Experience Jesus
Take some time together and simply review the other Mission Teams at your campus. Check out their mission statements, know what they’re up to, see what they do.
Helping People Far From God Experience Jesus
Understanding the Trinity is tough, especially the one who is most unfamiliar to us, the Holy Spirit. If it’s difficult for us to articulate, just think how tough it is for an Explorer or someone far from God! Spend some time together talking through you understanding and experiences with the Holy Spirit. Check out this video for further thoughts: