Science & Faith Resources

Bret Nicholson   -  

While we were able to touch on some things about science on Sunday during “Faith for Doubters,” obviously one day is not going to get to the deep kinds of issues brought on by science.  The goal with the sermon was to encourage the journey.
I believe one of the most important approaches you can take to dealing with faith and science issues is to familiarize yourself with good resources.  It’s important to know that others, with years of solid educations have processed the very same questions we all ask on much deeper and well researched levels.  Here are just a few for starters including a couple I referenced in the message:

I wish I could make this required reading for One Lifers.  The reason is because it pulls the question of science away from the place it usually stays: creation/evolution. The authors’ primary goal is to give Christian people back their rich intellectual heritage and roots in science.  It also helps people understand the real issues behind the supposed and real conflicts between science and religion. It is a philosophical and historical journey of science and faith.

This is is a great primer for the science issue and how it relates to faith, along with introducing the reader to some of the great scientists who are also believers.  It is written in a very accessible style.
When it comes to the topic of creation vs. evolution and origin of life issues it is helpful to understand it in a way that can hold its own in the real marketplace of ideas.  Stephen Meyer’s work is on that level. It is meticulously researched and clearly expressed.

For those who may not want to read admittedly thick books, here’s a video interview with Stephen Meyer of “Darwin’s Doubt”. You should find this a fairly easy to understand format. is a great resource for the true science geek.  It has articles that range from hominids to the Higgs Boson. is a web site and has an APP version as well that has an enormous store of helpful information that ranges from technical science to the perplexing questions of philosophy behind science.
Hope you find some of these resources helpful.