At One Life we believe in “spiritual gifts”.  Spiritual gifts are abilities God has given to believers of Jesus to be used in His service.  Different than just natural talents, we believe that the Holy Spirit directs these abilities in the service of God.  If you are a believer, you have a spiritual gift.  We believe it is important for you to discover what it is.

We did not produce this resource but found it helpful. It is a great starting place for finding your “Made for This.”  It is not designed to conclusively tell you your spiritual gift. Your results will help point you in a good direction of discovery.

NOTE: The gift of “tongues” described in the New Testament is not listed.  This may be due to the nature of that particular gift, you shouldn’t need a test to let you know if you have it.

Always remember, the only way to truly find your “Made for this” is to make a MOVE.

**If you are taking this through a Kick Start class, please keep a copy of your results to send to your group leader. **

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