New Years Resolutions

One Life Henderson

It's that time of year again! Lots of us spend this time each year reflecting on the outgoing and dreaming of the incoming. We want to equip you to take intentional Next Steps in your faith journey in 2023!

Which areas will you work to grow in this year?

Bible Engagement
How to Read the Bible

Did you know that daily reflection on Scripture is considered the number one way people move closer to Jesus? The problem for many of us is that the Bible is confusing, archaic, and even boring. How are we supposed to move closer to God if we don’t understand what we are reading? How to Read the Bible meets on Sunday evenings and seeks to remove those barriers.

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Explore The Bible

We know the Bible can sometimes be challenging…but we encourage you to wrestle with it. Explore The Bible is intended to put you in a community of people where you can bring your brain, bring your questions, and explore the Bible together. This semester we’re diving deep into the Gospel of John every Wednesday evening.

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The 167

The 167 is our premier Bible engagement tool to equip you to grow in your faith everyday; even the 167 hours each week you are not in a worship service. Over the course of 2023, we will be walking through the history of Israel, the life of Jesus, and the history of the Church. The first edition drops January 7th.

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Prayer Hub

Register for our brand new Prayer Hub. Here you can submit prayer requests for others to see and join with you in prayer, as well as pray for the requests of others.

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Pray For Neighbors

Help us pray for our city, one neighbor at a time.  Register for the Bless Every Home platform, and receive an email each day with a list of people in your neighborhood to pray for.

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Financial Generosity

If you have never taken that first step of financial generosity, we encourage you to make this the year where you step out in faith and see what happens when you support the vision God has given us for our city.

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Recurring Giving

If you have been supporting our mission and vision here and there for a while, your next step might be to make it part of your regular rhythm. You can set up automatic recurring giving to continue multiplying our vision for Henderson regularly.

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Increased Giving

If you already have recurring giving setup, what does it look like for you to increase that in the new year? Maybe it’s $5, maybe its $5,000. The amount isn’t necessarily what is important, but how we believe it will lead you into deeper levels of Jesus-centered transformation is the point.

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Growth Group

Not only is life best in community, but we believe the greatest levels of growth in your faith happen alongside others. Join a Growth Group in 2023 to step further into the belong, hope, and transformation we desire to see for you and our city. Don’t see the Group for you? We’ll help you launch one! Find one or build one! We want to help!

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Mission Team

Serving alongside others is another great way to grow in your faith while also helping others experience the same belonging, hope, and transformation we hope you have. This year, step onto a Mission Team, whether on Campus or off, and help us build a city multiplying radical belonging, restorative hope, and Jesus-centered transformation.

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