Replant FAQs

Henderson Replant Frequently Asked Questions

What is “replanting”?

Replanting a church or a campus is a renewal project which takes a church back through the same kind of process new church plants go through to plant effectively.  Church planting is a process that focuses first on learning and understanding the hopes, dreams, fears and hang-ups of the community being planted in. Then, local ministry is contextualized specifically to the community.

Why are we doing this?

We believe every church ought to go through the re-plant process every 7 to 10 years because: 

  1.  life-seasons change for people inside the church and outside the church.  Major problems that people have changed over time, their response to and objections to the gospel change over time.  To achieve our mission we need to stay vigilant about knowing the people we are talking to. 
  2.  Statistics demonstrate that new churches are the single most effective way to reach people for Christ.  However, studies also show that “re-planted” churches can have the same level of impact. 
  3. Our 10 + years of experience can help us avoid some of the “rookie mistakes” we made the first time we planted. 
  4. In the post-2020 world, we have a great cultural moment to adjust ourselves to new opportunities.     


How does this advance the mission of One Life?

We desire to unleash the local capacity to own and lead ministry in the Henderson community. We believe that giving greater responsibility to the local campus will result in people standing up to serve and lead on whole new levels.  We are already seeing that happen.  Henderson leaders will be able to respond to local challenges and opportunities with new levels of ownership and creativity.  The benefit to the Network will be the removal of a layer of complexity to focus on creating content without taking up bandwidth in local management.

What has changed?

Our Henderson campus has changed its relationship with the other two campuses and what we collectively call One Life Network. Henderson will stay a One Life Church in name, branding, doctrine, DNA, and code of conduct issues but will have a whole new level of local leadership authority which includes:  its own local leadership board, budget, and local vision. 

Do we still say “one church in 3 locations”?

We are still a very tightly knit network.  Henderson wanted to keep the name and the branding of One Life and stay connected to the other campuses relationally.  We will change our language to “a family of churches” in 3 (or more) locations.   

What happens when I give money? Where does it go?

In Henderson, your donations go to Henderson – which is invested into the local community.  Henderson still contributes financially to the production of Network resources. — Such as broadcasting the messages.
Other campuses — money goes to each campus.

What about campus staff roles?

Henderson will form its staff in a way that is best for the vision they are pursuing and the problems they need to solve.  Some staff have already been added.  But, staff who were already there have similar roles.  

For example, Ryan Nunn will still be considered the local Pastor but will serve under the authority to the local Henderson Board.  Josh Stanley’s  role will be the same as well (Director of Connections and Groups).  However, in both cases, as the local leadership deems it necessary to the health of the campus they may wish to change each person’s focus.  The critical factor is, local leadership has the authority to make those calls.  Henderson currently has a Directional Leadership Team overseeing the campus and staff.

Will Bret still be our Lead Pastor / Teaching Pastor?

Bret will be a Teaching Pastor for Henderson but leadership is transferred to the local Henderson Directional Leadership Team.  Bret is still the point leader of the Network, so Henderson will be led in many respects by Bret, but more in terms of influence and not as much in authority. 

Will we still participate in Network things like Big Deal Theatre?

Yes, but that is at the discretion of the local Henderson leadership.  Relationships between the Network and the campus are still very much alive and we will be pursuing creative ways to reach people.

Did you listen to other churches who did the same thing or are we making this up as we go along?

We listened to other churches and learned that, in the multi-site world, this is not an unusual step to take.  Seeing how other churches handled this was very helpful. 

After going through this process with each campus what will church planting look like?

Church planting will vary by need and opportunity.  We have established 3 broad “tiers” to describe the relationship the Network has with churches.  A “Tier 1” church has the same relationship as the campuses have always had (i.e. shared budget and shared authority); Tier 2 is what Henderson is becoming (i.e. shared name, brand, and DNA); and Tier 3 is a church with whom we partner but they retain their name and brand and we come alongside to serve and provide resources.  Each opportunity we have will fall into different categories based on the need.