Global Leadership Summit

Discount Code – LEAD2020
Tickets are $99 and give you access to


The Global Leadership Summit is happening VIRTUALLY August 6th & 7th.

Join physical watch parties from conference rooms, living rooms, church rooms, and just about any room across the tri-state as you and your team relaunch into the new normal with fresh, actionable leadership insight.

The Global Leadership Summit is your infusion of fresh ideas, actionable concepts, leadership principles and heartfelt inspiration. This is your opportunity to access a wealth of leadership insight from a world class faculty ready to equip and inspire you in your leadership—no matter where you have influence. Join us in a movement of people growing in their leadership together in 124 countries this year.

Attending the GLS Online Experience gives you the flexibility to watch an enhanced, LIVE, real-time virtual event from the comfort of your home or office while enjoying a unique interactive opportunities to connect with people in your community and engage with the faculty’s content in a fresh new way.

If you attend One Life and would like to register for The Global Leadership Summit, please enter the priority code LEAD2020 to get a discount and your ticket will only be $99 and you’ll have access to watch all the talks for 7 days.


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