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December 5th

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Welcome to One Life Explorer Edition

How would you like to explore church as an insider rather than an outsider? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to explore church and all that goes with it – faith, worship, love, prayer, the Bible, the afterlife, in an environment that was open to questions and discussion rather than suspicious of them?   

That’s what we are inviting you to do: wonder.  

So here’s the plan:  each Sunday we do things churches all around the world have done for 2 millenia:  we sing together, we pray together, we serve together and we listen to teaching together.  Outside of the services many hang out together.  We believe these things are important. 

What drives us is our belief that Jesus of Nazareth really is who he claimed to be.  And, His claims were extraordinary. In his words, he saw himself as – among other things –   “the way, and the truth and the life”.  And as bold and unlikely as that claim may seem, we believe there are lots of good reasons for 21st century thinking people to believe it. We’d like to share those reasons with anyone who is open to exploring them.    

That’s why we have dedicated at least one Sunday each month specifically to NOT do things we ordinarily do (like singing together) so we can take the time to share the reasons we have found so compelling with those who may be skeptical or who have struggled with belief. 

That’s what One Life Explorer Edition is about.  It’s for you, the explorers. . . those who are open but have honest, thoughtful struggles with the extraordinary claims of Jesus or who might have suspicions about religion in general or church specifically.   

Each time we will take a different topic that we hope is of interest to anyone.  From big questions like: where did the universe come from? To — why has the church done so many awful things in the past?  We want to create an environment of honesty, transparency and intelligent discussion.  

Sometimes our approach will be simple ( -a little bit of music, a Ted style talk with Q and A), at other times we will use our love for elaborate production and art to bring the message with a little more velocity and creativity.   

In simplest terms, Jesus made a lot of extraordinary claims about himself. The most important thing we want to do is present reasons why we think Jesus should be believed. Then we want to invite people to dialogue and explore the most important questions of life.  

That’s what we are inviting you to do: wonder.
Welcome to One Life Explorer Edition. | Welcome to the journey. 

Topic 1: Why Do Christian Leaders Fall?

Topic 2: The Problem Of Consciousness

Topic 4: Near Death Experiences