Grace Marriage

Have you been married for 30 days or 30 years? Either way, YOU’RE INVITED!
One Life Church is partnering with Grace Marriage to truly change the culture of marriage in our community!
Many in our culture see marriage as obsolete, archaic and “the old ball and chain.” The Bible lays it out as foundational and as a sweet oasis in the desert of life. The reality is marriage has become too weak and tempoOne-halfe half of marriages do not last and many of the other 50 percent appear stale and lifeless.
Given the state of marriage and the aggressive ongoing attacks against it, a proactive response by the local church is overdue.
Grace Marriage is a quarterly marriage coaching structure where couples are refreshed by the grace of Christ and are challenged to intentionally invest in their marriage. The ongoing quarterly coaching is a positive and encouraging wellness approach designed for all marriages.
The cost is $300 per couple for the entire year (If a financial burden is your concern, please contact us as there may be partial scholarships available). The cost includes the 4 session, childcare, lunch, and snacks!
You can still register for the rest of the year at a prorated price.
The dates that we will have Grace Marriage for 2019:
Quarter 1 will be Jan 26 or Feb 2
Quarter 2 will be Apr 13 or Apr 27
Quarter 3 will be Aug 24 or Sept 7
Quarter 4 will be Nov 9 or Nov 16
Each couple will be placed with a facilitator’s group and will be in one of each of the quarterly dates above.

If you would like more information before registering for Grace Marriage: email Kristen Hudson at [email protected]

We truly want people to INVEST in their marriage at One Life.

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