Local Outreach


ENGAGE is One Life Church’s Local strategy for serving the under resourced(the poor).The focus of Engage is to serve locally by gathering human and financial resources around a missional process designed to improve the quality of life in key under resourced neighborhoods.

Our Values


Seeking to understand the dreams, gifts and strengths of people by providing a safe place for open discussion of ideas


Building on the strengths and assets of the community


Doing things WITH not just FOR the community


Focusing the gifts of many on a common vision


Serving through community and with the community by bringing those we serve into the circle


Demonstrating the love of Christ through action-Connecting people to Christ is our ultimate motive, but not our ulterior motive

Engage on ramps


Through serving our partners-We seek to build partnerships with like minded organizations that are most qualified to respond to the needs of the neighborhoods we serve


Through serving at events-There will be periodic events provided to train, serve and connect with the neighborhoods and our partners


Through Adoption of Initiatives-in every neighborhood there will be opportunities to adopt a segment of the strategy. A park, a school, a youth center, etc