Campus Worship Director

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Title:           Campus Worship Director

Department:   Creative Arts and Communications

Reports to: Campus Pastor


General Function:                                                                                                          

The Worship Director will take responsibility for oversight of all campus worship team leaders (and therefore worship teams), for the purpose of ensuring consistent mission, vision, direction, values, quality, and practices in the area of the church worship ministry.


Know How:                                                                                                                      

Excellent leadership, organization, and communication skills are necessary. A deep familiarity with the overall purposes, plans, mission, vision, values and practices of One Life Church and the ability to creatively communicate and see they are trained into all people participating in worship ministry is vital.



Proven experience in worship leading and team leadership, administrative as well as leadership gifts; musical and production understanding.



  • Lead/Co-lead the worship evaluation/planning meeting for your campus
  • Attend Network production meetings
  • Utilize network worship director for training and resourcing
  • Lead regularly scheduled meetings with worship team leaders
  • Encourage and ensure on-going training for team leaders and teams
  • Promote unity among all teams
  • Encourage and ensure basic “DNA” issues are known and understood by all leaders. DNA is defined in greater detail in the One Life playbook.
  • Disciple the worship team leaders and ensure discipleship is happening on the campus worship teams by those team leaders.
  • Recruit, equip and train volunteers in worship/production and actively pursue greater volunteer opportunities in worship and production.
  • Encourage and ensure fundamental musical quality in all teams is reflected in well-placed, musically gifted people of trustworthy character.
  • Ensure rehearsals are efficient and well-led.
  • Conduct periodic review of leader and team health and direction.
  • Serve as the point person on campus for worship events.
  • Update planning center for your campus. This includes adding song files, scheduling teams, and maintaining team profiles.  Comply with all applicable copyright laws and reporting periods.
  • Serve on a team or in a support role on Sunday mornings in Worship/Production.
  • Serve as the liaison between home campus to broadcast campus for Sunday morning rehearsals. Communicate if audio or video need to be modified.
  • Review the broadcast after the service to communicate any changes that are needed for future broadcasts.
  • Serve as an active member of the Campus leadership team, attending all meetings and events as directed by the Campus Pastor.


Effect on End Result:                                                                                                     

This position will be considered successful when:

  • All worship team leaders reflect a known understanding of church mission, vision, values, strategies and practices and pass it on to their teams in definable ways.
  • Teams are growing discernibly better in both musical quality and ability to lead the congregation in worship. Extravagant worship is evident at the campus services.
  • Teams reflect well-placed giftedness for skills required. 
  • All teams are a discipleship environment.
  • Number of volunteer positions filled in worship/production is stable/growing.