One Life Church
Job Description

Title: Social Media Manager
Department: Creative Arts and Communication (CAC)
Reports to: Communications Director
Date: 08.03.2021
Job Type: Part-Time (10 hours / week)

General Function: Under the supervision and direction of the Communications Director and CAC Team this role is responsible for managing and scheduling social media posts, ideas, and general social media responses.

Know How: Candidate must have an understanding of current social media platforms, and an understanding of the One Life branding and style guidelines. He/she must be able to strategize, prioritize, and plan for social media posts. Marketing experience preferred. Must have a knowledge of One Life Church, and a Christ-centered communication strategy. Knowledge of keywords, hashtags, captions, and descriptions is a major plus.



  • Collaborate with the CAC team to utilize series creative and messages to create social media content.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging social media content.
  • Suggest and implement new ideas and features for social media.
  • Stay up to date with current social media trends.
  • Create social media schedules for One Life Network accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • Assist in creating social media guidelines for other One Life local campuses.
  • Oversee that social media design stays on brand for One Life Church.
  • Help with telling stories from inspiring things happening around One Life Church and the communities One Life Church is a part of.
  • Write YouTube descriptions and add keywords for weekly messages.


Effect on End Result

  • This position will be considered successful when:
  • Consistency on social media with new and fresh content that engages people, as well as gives them a reason to come back.
  • Ideas are generated for social media growth.
  • Genuine connection and engagement is happening on social media platforms.
  • Campuses feel equipped to implement a social media strategy based on this role’s input.
  • People feel comfortable connecting with One Life Church on social media, and sharing out content to other people.

Email Resume to [email protected] to apply.