Director of Technical and Broadcast Arts

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Title: Director of Technical and Broadcast Arts

Program/Department/Ministry: Creative Arts & Communication (CAC)

Reports to: Worship Director


General Function/Purpose:  Under the direction of the One Life Worship Director, the Director of Technical Arts will oversee the technology integration of One Life Network.  It is the Technical Art Director’s job to develop and maintain guidelines, policies, and principles on how to best use the current technology to help people far from God trust and follow Jesus.


Know How: Must have excellent relational skills and be proficient in leading multiple groups of staff/volunteers. Must be proficient in current technologies with regard to audio, video, computer, and lighting in an effort to accomplish the network goals of One Life Church as relevant to Technical Arts.


Qualification:  Minimum of an undergraduate degree in a related field desired. Must have at least two years of experience in the video/broadcast/technical production field. Experience in nonprofit or ministry areas preferred.  The Technical Arts Director must have a servant leader mindset, be strongly gifted in leadership and communication, and demonstrate a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Job Information (Responsibilities):

  • Monitoring equipment across the network tier one churches for quality deviations or malfunctions and coordinate upgrades, maintenance, and repair of equipment.  Auditoriums, Kids Theatres, and Students, also including staff and network office computers and equipment. 
  • Build a relationship with worship and production teams at campuses to be able to communicate new equipment and any ongoing issues or changes with equipment.  
  • Be proactive in ongoing technical projects. 
  • Creating and maintaining a technical budget for the fiscal year. 
  • Oversee network message production and deliver to all OL sites, tier one and two, and web applications
  • Support current video/broadcast equipment to achieve high-quality video messages – includes Live Broadcast. 
  • Develop, train and lead teams of staff/volunteers in technical areas including audio, video, computer graphics, and broadcast. 
  • Serve on the weekly message production team.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings as required.
  • Coordinate with outside vendors for assembly of necessary equipment for special events either in the church or as an extension of the church.  (Example: One Life Explorer events, Because events, outdoor baptisms)
  • Purchase/arrange for purchase of expendable supplies for One Life Church tier one sites. (Batteries, Lights, Projector Bulbs, Filters…etc.)
  • Keep up to date on Technical Arts Requests and update the person who requested assistance via email. 
  • Meet weekly with the Worship Director to go over Tech requests and deadlines.
  • Consult with Campus Pastors to determine additional technical needs, and keep them updated on changes at their campus. 
  • Balance time between each campus. Typically 80% of time at East (Broadcast) campus and 20% at West.
  • Consult with Tier 2 campuses to assist with technical issues. No on site technical support is required unless it is specific to Broadcast support. 
  • Consult with Tier 1 campuses to assist them in keeping up to date and maintain I.T. at each Tier 1 campus. 
  • Create an overall organized work environment in the broadcast studios, tech booths and behind the stage at each campus. Make it accessible to volunteers and create easy understandable instructions on where items need to be stored, and or accessed.
  • Create and or update current manuals for all technical roles that allow volunteers to be trained easily. 
  • Be available to troubleshoot technical issues during worship practices for Tier 1 campuses. 
  • Be available to fill in as needed on technical roles. 


Effect on End Result:  

This position will be considered successful when:


  • Excellent quality of production elements including light, sound, and video at Sunday services and special events is achieved.
  • Technological equipment is current, maintained in good repair, and volunteers/staff are adequately trained to operate equipment effectively.
  • Tech teams are adequately trained and resourced, and support is readily accessible..
  • Supplies are present when needed.
  • Overall communication between tech teams at OL sites is consistent and clear.