Connections Director

Title:  One Life East Connections Director

Reports to: Staff Campus Pastor/Campus Director

Status: Part-Time (non-exempt) 15-20 Hours/Week


General Function:

Under the direction of the Campus Pastor, the Connections Director oversees and directs all guest experiences, from the first impression to connecting attendees to groups and teams in alignment with the Mission, Vision, and Values of One Life Church.

Know How:  The Connections Director should be a dedicated Christ-follower who is outgoing, organized and works well building relationships with people.  Must be creative and energized by creating engaging experiences. Must be comfortable working in various software platforms.


  • Lead the Guest Services team at the campus.
    • Continually cast vision to the team and communicate schedules, initiatives and ideas.
    • Attend all scheduled public services.  Arrive one hour before first service and stay until guests have departed after last service.
  • Acts as the single point-of-contact between any unconnected person and any future team or group leader. Oversee and direct all connection administrative responsibilities from the first request (connection card, text, website, conversation, etc.) to the final destination. Work quickly with those expressing interest in getting connected to Groups and Teams;  from “Unconnected” to “Connected” status.
    • Enters all Connection Cards & Orange forms from Sunday morning services to be routed to the correct area directors for contact to be made for Connection.
  • Encourage and facilitate conversations in the lobby with unconnected or unfamiliar people and lead the guest services team to do the same. Maintain working knowledge on all available groups, teams, and/or volunteer needs and can recall quickly when in conversation. Gather information from those conversations and people in order to get them connected at their One Life Campus.
  • Create an engaging and exciting environment in the lobby, constantly evaluating and improving the experience in line with One Life initiatives.
  • Track unconnected people from any registered event to a future connection opportunity (e.g. baptisms to growth group, Kickstart to Kids team, FPU to Guest services).
  • Utilizes network-provided software (Fellowship One & Planning Center Online) to manage connection queues & schedules.


Tips for Success:

  • Remember names.
  • Works at building relationships with Guest Services, Kids Directors, Worship/Production Directors, Growth group leaders, and Campus Pastors which will help understanding of all areas and help individuals interested in getting connected to Groups & Teams.
  • Determine the preferred method of communication for a potential contact. Text may be preferred for one while email is best for another. Personalized touches for each contact is important.
  • Exercise emotional intelligence.  Learn to determine when a guest is ready to be engaged.
  • Be aware of the campus calendar – when is Kickstart, when is Kids orientation. Things that can be an immediate point of connection.
  • Knowledge of campus leaders is a must.  Introduce a guest to a specific leader on the spot when interested in a specific area.

Effect on End Result

This position will be considered successful when:

  • Time between a guest initiating contact and staff response is at or below 3 days
  • There is a steady increase in the number of people getting connected to Growth Groups and Mission Teams at the campus
  • There is consistent and clear communication between the Connections Director and groups and teams, as demonstrated by known volunteer staffing needs and updated team/group rosters
  • The guest experience is exciting, engaging, and innovative.

To apply email your resume to [email protected]