5.21.23 Huddle

Opening Discussion

  • When was the last time you remember being truly happy? 

Read and Discuss

Matthew 13:44

44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure, buried in a field, that a man found and reburied. Then in his joy he goes and sells everything he has and buys that field.

  • What is Jesus telling people about the kingdom of heaven in this parable?
  • Once the man realized the importance of what he had found, what did he do to make sure he got the treasure?
    • What did it cost the man to get that treasure?
  • The man was not actively searching for buried treasure. How might some people accidentally stumble upon the kingdom of God?
  • In your story of becoming a follower of Jesus, what was a way you stumbled upon the kingdom of God when you weren’t expecting it? (a friend invited you to church, found a Bible when you were cleaning and read it, etc.)
  • Why was the man joyful in selling everything he had?
  • What might others have thought of the man’s behavior?
  • How can you approach the kingdom of God with joy and not obligation?

Matthew 13:45-46

45 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls. 46 When he found one priceless pearl, he went and sold everything he had and bought it.

  • What are some differences between the two men in these parables?
  • What are some similarities between the two parables?
  • Why was the man willing to give up everything he had to get the pearl?
  • What are some things people might give up in order to pursue happiness?
  • What are some things people pursue to find happiness?
  • Why might people outside of the kingdom of heaven think that it’s silly or foolish to pursue Jesus?
  • What are you pursuing to try to find happiness and fulfillment?
    • Does it line up with what God says?

Apply it!

  • What is one way you can pursue God this week?

Memorize it!

Matthew 13:44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure, buried in a field, that a man found and reburied. Then in his joy he goes and sells everything he has and buys that field.

Prayer TACOS

Thank the Lord for making His kingdom worth pursuing

Adoration- Worship the Lord for allowing us access into His kingdom

Confess to the times you have pursued things other than the Lord to find happiness and fulfillment

Others- Pray for someone you know who is searching for true happiness but is looking in all the wrong places. Ask God to give you an opportunity to speak with them this week.

Self- Ask the Lord to make the pursuit of Him and His kingdom the desire of your life


Closing Thoughts

When I read these parables, I have to admit I get a bit frustrated. Why don’t I see God’s kingdom as Jesus describes it? Whether I accidentally stumble upon it or have been pursuing it for a long time, it should be of great value to me. Actually, more than just valuable, it’s worth my life to pursue fulfillment in Christ and His kingdom. But yet every day, I pursue things that aren’t valuable, or even worthy of my time. I spend hours scrolling through YouTube and social media. I’ll watch TV or play video games.  

The kingdom of heaven isn’t just in the future, because I’m part of His kingdom now. I should live like the men in this parable, but I don’t. So what would it take for followers of Jesus to actually live in the kingdom of God on the daily? First there has to be a realization that nothing is better than Jesus and living life with Him. After that comes a denying of ourselves and giving everything to follow Jesus. When I start living in that manner, I’m realizing the importance of a Christ-centered life. It’s easier said than done, but the more I pursue Jesus, the easier it will be. So what is stopping you from living out the kingdom life God has for us?