10.3.21 NO HUDDLE

Zach Below   -  

On 10/3 we had our first “Explorer Edition.” As such, we will not have a standard huddle this week.


I’ve you’d like to discuss some of the questions from the Q and A, here is a list below. Leaders, if you do not feel like these questions would lead to fruitful discussion, please use a past huddle or use the time to catch up with one another.

  1. Have you been hurt by the church? If so, what brought you back?
  2. Why have so many pastors/church leaders fallen?
  3. Why would God let people in his church continue to spread lies and abuse?
  4. How do we know that the current church aren’t just the religious leaders (pharisees) that Jesus warned us about?
  5. Has the church been given too many chances?
  6. How have you prevented becoming cynical and walking away from faith?