5.10.20 Huddle

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We hope that everyone had a great Mother’s Day. As our cities begin to open back up we look forward to the time when our groups are able to meet in person again. Until your group is comfortable doing that, continue to check in on each other and help one another process this experience. We will continue posting our general “check-in” questions as well as our weekly content.



  1. What is something funny that happened to you this week?
  2. When did you feel most down this week? What was it in relation to?
  3. When did you feel closest to God this week?
  4. Do you have any tips on how to find time for solitude, prayer, loving others, etc. What is working for you?
  5. How can we pray for you?



Exercise: We are going to look at stories surrounding three women that were an important part of Jesus’s life/birth story.



  • Break down into smaller groups of 2-3 (If possible)
  • Each group will read and discuss the narrative around one of these women
  • After 5-8 minutes, get back together and have each group summarize what stood out about the woman in their story.
  • NOTE: This exercise can be done as one large group if breaking down is not practical.


  • Elizabeth: Luke 1:5-7, Luke 1:24-25, Luke 1:39-45
  • Mary: Luke 1:26-38, Luke 1:46-56
  • Anna: Luke 2:36-38 (Since this text is so short, this group could also read “Mary’s Song” in Luke 1:46-56)


After coming back together, answer the following questions . . .

  1. What did all three women have in common?
  2. How would you describe the struggle that each of these women were facing? What was Elizabeth’s? Mary’s? Anna’s?


In this week’s message, Bret gave us three things to hold in our minds as we fix our eyes on Jesus. If we want to fix our eyes on Jesus . . .

  • Trust HIS story
  • Take the long view
  • Ask . . . what does faithfulness look like today


  1. How do these women speak to the idea of . . . “Trusting HIS story?”
  2. How do these women speak to the idea of . . . “Taking the long view?”
  3. What did daily faithfulness look like for these three women? What does faithfulness “today” look like in your life?
  4. How do the stories of these three woman speak to the quote, “Jesus is not sitting up in heaven yelling down at us to ‘DO BETTER.” He is looking on us in love and doing something that we are unable to do.” (Follow-up question) How is that message freeing in your own life?