Huddle // Build: Part 4

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Huddle time is an opportunity for you to connect to each other and grow in faith. The below questions are just a resource for you to use or start from. Don’t feel like you have to use them all or rush through good discussion

Do you have any funny or interesting neighbor stories?


Last week Pastor Bret said, “city building is neighbor loving.”

When you think of the word ‘neighbor’, what or who comes to mind?


Read: Luke 10:25-28

Why do you think Jesus answered the lawyer’s question by asking a question?

What do you think it means to love your neighbor as yourself?

What are some of our barriers to loving our neighbors in this way?


Read: Luke 10:29-37

The lawyer asks, with false motives, “who is my neighbor?” Can you relate to wanting to know the answer to that question?

How does the parable of the Good Samaritan change your view of who your neighbor is?


Place yourself in the story as the person who fell among robbers and imagine that Jesus is the Good Samaritan. How do the details of His care for the man help illustrate the good news?


What are the spheres of influence where God has placed you to love like Jesus?

Think of someone that you can intentionally show the love of Jesus to this week.


Read: John 13:34

Pray as a team: Instead of seeking to justify or elevate ourselves by how we love our neighbors, let’s pray that our lives would be a sacrificial and worshipful response to the great love of Jesus. Pray that God would show us the people and needs in our paths to show the love of Jesus to. Amen.


These are great questions and can be used one at a time, or one from each section even if time is short. Most importantly if used consistently, then people will be conscious of starting to develop the habits and lifestyle of becoming a disciple.

How have you seen God working in your life in the last week; through successes, failures or disappointments?

Share with me what or who you are praying for and why.
What are you and your team/group members praying for?
At what moment did you feel closest to Christ this week?

Catch me up on scriptures you’re reading.
What is God teaching you through His word and how are you responding?
What scriptures speak to your “made for this”?
What scriptures are you struggling to understand?
What scriptures are you understanding, yet struggling to apply?

How did the Lord use you to show His love this week:
In your family, team, group, or workplace?
In your everyday interaction with others?
Who are you helping to trust and follow Jesus?
What are your plans for next week in the areas of: prayer, bible study and sharing Christ’s love?