Huddle // Phase 3 – Part 12

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Huddle time is an opportunity for you to connect to each other and grow in faith. The below questions are just a resource for you to use or start from. Don’t feel like you have to use them all or rush through good discussion

What’s one thing you’ve learned during the Phase 3 Series from Colossians?
1 – Developing Our Calling
The vision of One Life Church is: Planting churches devoted to changing the secular worldview of the next generation.
Were you a part of any of the One Life Church plants? Share an experience or story.
Last weekend we celebrated baptisms. What is one of your favorite baptism stories?
Has there been a problem that you have observed that you would love to be a part of solving?
2 – Developing Our Faith
Read Colossians 1:15-20
What did you learn about God?What did you learn about People?
What did you learn about people relating to God?
3 – Developing Our Generosity
(Prepare yourself to be vulnerable with your group/team about this – you have to go first) Bret challenged everyone to increase their giving by $5, and set up automatic giving. Have you done that before? Why or why not? How can we as a group/team develop each other in generosity?
4 – Developing The Next Generation
Who is the Next Generation to you?
We are what High School made us. What marked you in High School that still affects you still today?

Intentional Discipleship Questions

What are you and your team/group members praying for?
Catch me up on scriptures you’re reading.
What are your plans for the next week in the areas of prayer, Bible study and sharing Christ’s love?