Whatever you Do, You Write a Name on It

Dan Sullivan   -  

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17 ESV Read More

When the SpaceX Falcon Heavy took off towards Mars this past Tuesday, there were thousands of people at the launch site cheering like it was a rock concert. Sometimes you couldn’t even hear the commentators narrating the launch because they were cheering so much. Those people that were cheering were the employees of SpaceX that have been working for years to build a rocket that could travel to Mars.

When we make something and then present it finished, we have a happiness that reflects a tiny little aspect of God. We like to make things and look at them and say “That is good!” We talked a few weeks ago about how God loves to show us off like a diamond in a setting and show His glory through us. Showing and displaying and putting glory on something we did is a great way to point that glory (or that Super Bowl win, etc.) toward the glory of God.
Another cool thing about the SpaceX Falcon Heavy is the nameplate on the platform where the car sits. It holds the name of all 6,000 some-odd people that worked on that rocket. When the Martians capture it and finish fighting over the car, they might read those names and wonder who those people are. When we do something, like raise a family or work at a job all day, we put our name on it in a way. My kids act like my kids because they are part of my family. You might recognize a Sullivan by the way they act before you catch their name tag. (Every dad’s dream, right?!)

When our church does things in the community, people might come to recognize the name OneLife as that church that did this or that. The work that we do and the people we serve will remember the name in which we do the work. That’s the best expression of what it means to do something ‘in the name of the Lord Jesus.’ It’s something that we do with Him and by His power, love, and motivation. It’s something that at the end, when we sign our name, “Dan Sullivan, part of OneLife Church” that Jesus says “Hey, write my name on there too.”
Whatever we do, in word or in deed, let’s write Christ’s name on it. Let’s make sure it has His accent, or His style of brush stroke, or His tempo. If you wonder what that means, dive into the Gospels or even just read back a few verses. When things are done in the name of Jesus, they are done in His love, patience, kindness, wisdom, peace, and meekness. The world is moved by those things. Jesus said that we shine like a city on a hill when we live like that.
Whatever we do today, let’s remember what name we are going to sign on our work, and that we are the work of God with His name on us!
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Printed on the circuit board of a car in deep space
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