Huddle // Family: The Dark Side

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Did you ever have one of those “I’m going to stop this car” moments as a kid or now as a parent to your own kids?

Bret talked about throwing oil and cat hair on the Sistine Chapel. Covering the beauty that it was intended/created to be.
When things are going bad in our relationships, the beauty is lost in the fallenness that Bret talked about, but when things are going well we get a glimpse of the beauty of what God’s design should look like.
Share a story where you’ve seen beauty in relationships. What are some beautiful moments that you’ve easily forgotten because they have been covered up? (Covered in oil and cat hair)

Bret said – “The #1 problem in relationships is our self-centeredness.” – How does this principal show itself in marriage … parenthood … and relationships?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-21
What does it look like for us to preach the gospel as ambassadors in our marriages, to our kids, and in our relationships?
As a group – write on a card something you want prayer for. (You don’t have to put your name on it). Put them in the middle of the room/table and then everyone takes one with them. Commit to praying this prayer on the card during this series.


How have you seen God working in your life in the last week; through successes, failures or disappointments?

What is God teaching you through His word and how are you responding?

How did the Lord use you to show His love this week iIn your everyday interaction with others?