Huddle : Family: The Dark Side Part 2

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You treat things you value with extra care. In light of that, what’s one of the first things you remember valuing? What do you value in relationships?
Hebrews 13:4 says that marriage should be honored by all. How can you honor marriages as you go throughout your day (in your work, school, etc.) And what does it look like we do not honor marriages?

Read Genesis 2:18
Why did God say “it’s not good for man to be alone.”, if Adam already had God? Why did he need a helper?

Bret mentioned that he doesn’t take words for granted when studying the Bible. In John 14:26 Jesus calls The Holy Spirit “the helper”.
Here’s a tool to help you do a simple word study on that.
Go to the link. Type in the verse in the search bar and find the place where “helper” is used. Click on that. It should give you a Greek/Hebrew word that it is translated from and that definition. You can also look and see where that same word is used throughout the Bible. Highlight this tool for your group. 
This same word (helper) is used interchangeably throughout Genesis when talking about Adam and Eve. How does that add to your understanding on how we can be “helpers” in our own relationships?
What does it look like to be a helper in your own relationships on your group/team and those far from God?