Huddle : Becoming Part 5

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Becoming is Relating
Becoming is Going
Becoming is Proclaiming
Becoming is Preparing
Becoming is Committing
Becoming is Resting

This is series has been all about Becoming more like Jesus. Which one of these do you feel like you need to grow in, so you can continue to become more like Jesus in your own life?

Just as a healthy exercise,
If Bret put someone in your group and your group/team’s purpose was to help them grow spiritually — What would you as a group/team do to help this person grow spiritually? List out some ways to help them.
Are there any ways that this series has shown you how you could do this?
What does this look like for us to apply these to OUR team currently?

Read Matthew 10
(This is a long passage, ask people to try and pull out at least one thing that sticks out them.)

What challenges you?
What inspires you?
What messes with your mind?


What are you and your team/group members praying for?
What is God teaching you through His word and how are you responding?
Who are you helping to trust and follow Jesus?