Playlist: Part 7 – Team Huddle

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How would you define a dark time or a dark place? What are difference and similarities between what people say? Because we all define that differently.
What experiences have you had to help navigate some of those dark places.
How can pray for each other right now? If there is anyone who is in a dark place, surround them in prayer.
Spend the rest of your time in prayer. If there is no one who is in a time like that, pray thanking God for the season that you are in.
Take some time for everyone to pray silently, and then have some corporate prayer time together.
Easy Discipleship Questions
• How have you seen God working in your life in the last week; through successes, failures or disappointments?• Catch me up on scriptures you’re reading.• What are your plans for next week in the areas of: prayer, bible study and sharing Christ’s love?