Endings – Part 2

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One of our values is Authentegrity. – Watch this video:

KICKSTART: We Live With Authentegrity from One Life Network on Vimeo.
If you find yourself not being yourself or feeling like you have to be fake, what motivates you?
How are you motivated..if you’re being honest what do you think motivates you most often?
What’s your deepest guidance system?
Barna (Authority of the Bible) Research
Are there things that the Bible would tell you to do or not to do that you instinctively don’t like?
Read 1 Thessalonians Chapter 2
What are you learning so far from the Daily Bible Readings?
Share what works for you as far as getting into the Bible often or share how you are struggling and brainstorm as a team how to help each other of what works best for each other.