Inspired: Creating a Cultural Renaissance – 4

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Inspired 4-Team Huddle from One Life Network on Vimeo.
Read Jeremiah 29:1-7
Maybe God’s plan for inspiration is already underway in the city.
What is flourishing and what is prospering in your city right now?
Based on what we’ve discussed, do you see anything in your city that God is already doing that you or your group might be called to be a part of?
Bret has been challenging us to think about the following question. God, what do you want me to do to serve your church during this season? Has God made anything clear to you at this point?
Read Matthew 5:14-16
How does this passage speak to what we are talking about today?  

We’ve asked everyone to prayerfully consider one of these 4 moves. We’re going to ask everyone to let us know where God’s leading them on December 11th. Please pray about this as a group.