Worldview, What it Means and What it Means to You: RRE 22

Bret Nicholson   -  

Religion Ruins Everything Daily 10.2.16 from One Life Network on Vimeo.
Religion Ruins Everything Daily 10.2.16
As we continue through this series, remember that you’re not trying to win an argument, but to love people and point them to Christ. That is the core of the three points of 


This Sunday and much of this week, we are going to talk about worldview. 

Worldview: your answer to life’s most significant questions. How you see and explain the world. 

Your worldview holds the core of how you look at life. How you explain death, good and evil, circumstances, etc. Understanding Jesus’s worldview will affect how you ask questions of others, answer questions, and think about life. It will also give you confidence with other people that don’t agree with you. 
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