Student Huddle 5

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Student Huddle Week 5 from One Life Network on Vimeo.
Progressive: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to maintaining the status quo.

How do these passages (Acts 4.32-35, 6.1-2, 11.28, 17.16-22) reveal the innovative and progressive nature of the Gospel and Christian community? Hints: Inclusivity, social and welfare reform.
How do these passages (Matthew 8.1, 15.22-28, 19.13-15) reveal Christ Jesus as a progressive? Hint: The place and value of Outcasts, children, women.
In light of Philippians 4.3 and 1Thessolonians 4.9-12, how are we to understand and nourish the skills, talents and passions we’ve received from God? Hint: Is it ok to be a Christian and not be a professional minister (e.g. Pastor, Evangelist, Worship Leader, etc.)? Can I worship God through Math and science?
As it relates to the previous question, how should you feel about your career or future goals that are not necessarily “ministry” oriented? Hint: Does God value, appreciate and encourage, such endeavors?
What do these passages (Rom 12.1-2, 2Cor 3.17-18) reflect about our lives in relationship to personal progression and innovation? Hint: Personal growth and partnership.Action Steps:

Pray that God enables to be innovative in sharing the Good news?
Commit to taking pleasure in the skills and talents you possess.
Start seeing these talents as a gift from God.
Devote to worshipping God by improving your skills and talents.
Ask God and seek outlets for blessing your community with your talents and gifts.