Student Huddle Week of 9.18.16
Zach Below

Student Huddle #2 from One Life Network on Vimeo.

Zach talked about feeling pressure to act a certain way to be a part of a group/tribe all the way back in 2nd grade, do you remember the first time you felt like you had to act a certain way or like others in a group to be accepted?


Do you agree with that your school/age group has a tribe mentality? Why do you think Zach called it the “religion” of your age group? Do you agree?/Disagree? If you disagree, what is the “religion” of your age group?


Why do you think Zach meant when he said that Peace (inner peace) and Identity are connected?


Let’s say an alien came down and observed your current group/tribe, what would how would it fill in the following blanks?


These are the common characteristics of the group  __________________
This is how the group/tribe acts towards those outside of their group/tribe __________________
Based on what they talk about most, this seems to be most important to them __________________________
If I wanted to join the group/tribe I would have to _________________


What does “inner-peace” look like to the average Jr. High or High School student?
How do you get it?


Read John 10:10, what does “life to the full” look like to you? Make a list (Not talking about things you do such as great job, travel a lot, rich, etc, talking more about the virtues, or qualities of a full life.)
Which of those qualities line up with the “religion of the day?” – i.e. tribalism
Which line up with the message of Jesus/Gospel?
Do any line up with both?


Read Galatians 5:22-23, the text mentions love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If a person steered their life toward those virtues, would you consider it to be “life to the full?” (Note: The fruits of the spirit are by no means an exhaustive list of “life to the full.” Simply a good place to find a number of gospel virtues.
What would be missing?


 Finally, what do you think Zach meant when he said, “It’s easy to accept that we have messed up and need Jesus to save us and forgive us; it’s a lot harder for us to be transformed in our day to day journey.” To ask another way, Why is it easy to allow Christ to save us but so hard to let him transform our daily lives?

Close by praying that God would help you recognize when you are living by the “religion of the day” and forgetting your true identity in Christ. Pray that He would help you stay committed to the long journey of transformation He wants to do in your life.