Trey McClain   -  

Worship, Love & Compassion

This past Sunday we celebrated baptisms across our campuses. We baptized 39 people across the Network in that one day. Was there a particular story that stuck out to you? Why? How did their story grow your faith?
Baptisms are special days. They help us remember how God has worked in your life. Have you been baptized before? If so, share your baptism experience and what it means to you. 
Baptism services remind us of the mission that we have as a church: to help people far from God experience Jesus. How as a group or team are we doing that? How can we do it more often?

Intentional Discipleship Questions

At what moment did you feel closest to God this week?
Catch me up on what Scriptures you’ve been reading.
How did God use you in your everyday interaction with others?