An Act of Obedience & Gratitude – Cassandra’s Story

Brittney Gomez   -  

Money and church were a combination I never cared for. Not coming from a churched background and for many other reasons, I just didn’t like it, though I knew the pressure of dropping a $20 in the dreaded bucket.My husband and I met just after I became saved in my 20s, and he came from a VERY churched background, though he had been away from church for some time. When we later began attending church regularly, he brought up the subject of “tithing”. I use quotation marks because this word was completely foreign to me. When he explained, I protested. I made the case that when we could we would, and when it was difficult we wouldn’t. I’m so glad I allowed him to lead us in this area. It wasn’t always easy, but we began setting that money aside each week. It was clear that our needs were still being met (and then some; we wasted so much more on what I now see as unnecessary ‘wants’) and we were also feeling connected to God through giving. We had established tithing as the first financial responsibility from each paycheck.The dreaded unexpected occurred; I experienced job loss while 4 months pregnant. Like many families, we didn’t know just how comfortable we were until our income was cut in half. We decided to put our faith in God and considered this as the answer to our prayers. I had wanted to be a stay at home mom but never dreamed it would be financially possible. And sometimes it still feels impossible at times, but God always provides. The number of miracles we have experienced just when we thought we were defeated is humbling.We’ve been so blessed, especially in finding One Life. Serving alongside One Lifers, the mission and heart of the church shines so brightly. I take joy in knowing that my act of obedience and gratitude is making so many things possible, from Uncharted International, to the work abroad and within our borders and especially in our community. Never have I seen so many genuine people working collectively to serve others and I’m grateful to my husband for leading me in this area, for what I fought is now something we don’t even think twice about, except for doing so with a joyful and comforted heart. And God continues to provide.Cassandra Smith, One Life West