More Than Ever: Week 5

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. Share a story from your own life of when God has called something from you, He has done something for you.
2. What are your hangups about tithing? Where are you suspicious or cynical? We need to be honest and open with the hangups in order to move forward. If you are stuck in your giving, what can help you move? Share with your Team.
3. What are the idols in our culture? In our own lives? What are we thinking will fulfill us? An easy way to get to this is by observing what we spend our money on. Where does your money go?
Watch this 5-minute video on Evangelism vs. Discipleship. Discuss.
Ongoing Prayers and Discussion Through More Than Ever Series:
1. Who Should I Invite? November 1 begins Think. Wonder. Explore. series. Who can you invite that needs to hear this message?
2. What Should I Give? Review the 5 Moves and discuss them as a Team: 
3. What is my Call? Where can I re-up in my commitment, tied to my call, for the next 5 years?