More Than Ever: Week 2

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. We say every week during the offering time that we are going to “continue our worship through giving”. Do you associate giving with Worship? How does our giving here directly relate to what Natalie shared (video) on Myanmar? How does it create Worship in Myanmar?
Intentional Discipleship Question: Am I obedient to Godʼs prompting? How can we help each other in this?
2. Read Philippians chapter 2 out loud together as a Team. What do you see in the passage? What can you learn from it about how you should operate as a Team? 
Intentional Discipleship Question: Do I love the people in my community? 
3. Reflect on what you have done both personally and as a Team over the past 5 years. Share stories of your favorite moments. What would you do more than ever over the next 5 years?
Intentional Discipleship Question: Do we have a vision as a Team? As individuals?
Ongoing Prayers Through More Than Ever Series:
1. Who Should I Invite? November 1 begins Think. Wonder. Explore. series. Who can you invite that needs to hear this message?
2. What Should I Give? Review the 5 Moves and discuss them as a Team: 
3. What is my Call? Where can I re-up in my commitment, tied to my call, for the next 5 years?