Stand: Week 2

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. How do you respond to Spiritual Warfare? How should we respond as the Church?
Intentional Discipleship Question: Are we making enough space for prayer in our Group or Team?
2. We all have personal weaknesses or tendencies, whether they be bitterness, jealousy or pride, or something else entirely. What is something you struggle with, which way do you lean? There is power in sharing these things and helping one another be on guard and stand against them.
Intentional Discipleship Question: Are you resting enough?
3. There are things in our culture that maybe we don’t agree with and may cause us to become angry or embittered toward people. What might it look like to bring the Gospel of Peace into these “battles”? Discuss some things you could actually do as a team to bring peace into these cultural hot-button issues. 
Intentional Discipleship Question: Do you leave enough time for relationships with non-Christians?