5 Reasons to Join a Worship Team

Brittney Gomez   -  

The following is written by Madison Bowles, a worship leader at our Henderson campus.
A little bit about myself first: I have been on a One Life worship team for about two and a half years now but have been leading worship in different capacities since my freshman year of high school. I love worship leading, it fills my cup like nothing else can. Even through my lowest moments as a worship leader,  I have never doubted that it will always be a passion of mine and something I will always strive to get better at.
I want more people to know the awesomeness that is a One Life worship team and hope that so many more people are able to get connected to one of our teams. That’s why I’ve written the 5 reasons why you should join a One Life Worship Team:
1. Community: When I asked some of my other team members why they loved being on a worship team this was a big theme. There is something genuinely special about making music with other people. The people that I have had the honor of getting to be on a team with, have became some of my closest friends. We enjoy each other’s company and we care about each other’s lives. Throughout the week I love getting texts from my team members with prayer requests and I love celebrating together when one of us has a victory in life. This goes so perfectly with “Doing God’s will with the people that you love” part of life and I love that I get to fulfill that every week with my team.
2. Worship: I’ll get the “this is an obvious statement” out of the way and move on quickly. Our God deserves our worship and so many times in the Bible it calls us to worship him with full hearts. No matter what part you play on the team, tech booth or on the band, you have a direct hand in leading people into a worship experience with the creator of the universe… WHAT?? I’m not sure it gets any better than that. I find myself getting overwhelmed by the responsibility a lot of times but that feeling is countered by a feeling of complete gratitude and thankfulness. It’s an honor I don’t take lightly and I know my team doesn’t either, which is why we work our butts off every week to make sure we can create an amazing worship experience. Which leads me into my next reason….
3. Excellence: My team takes what we do very seriously. We’re consistently talking about how we can make the worship experience better and what each of us can be working on. If you join a One Life worship team, we are going to challenge you to do your best, because that’s what God asks of us. He gave us life and created this planet so we owe it to him to make our worship to him excellent; and never do it with a half-hearted attitude. This challenge has always been an exciting one for me and I know it is exciting for my team as well.
4. It’s Fun: I hope this is an obvious, but I’ll say it anyways. I look forward to my team practices because I know I get to do something that I really enjoy. Music is fun. Making music with other people is even more fun.
5. Art: Just the other day I told a friend of mine how much of an honor it is that I get to help create art for my church. I have grown up appreciating the arts and to get to create art every week with my team is incredible. We know our God is an artful God and we try to let everyone know that as well. My favorite moments with my team is when we’re bouncing ideas off each other and we’re able to come up with a moment during our set that is full of creative elements and worship that we know everyone will love. If you’re joining a One Life team, bring your most creative ideas with you! We’d love to hear them!
Even though I could go on and on about worship teams, I think I’ll leave it at that. Thank you so much for letting me share my passion with you and I hope that this has given someone the extra push they needed to join a worship team.
Until Next Time,
Madison Bowles
If you can sing or play an instrument, worship auditions are happening at all 3 campuses soon. You can register for an audition here.  Want to join the tech team? Email [email protected]