Model Family: Week 5

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. Make sure and watch the video as a Team. Discuss general observations. What do you think about what the Students said? Do you remember thinking similar things? 
2. Points 1 & 3 from the Sunday message were “When raising teenagers, Be Calm & Be Constructive”. How does being calm diffuse every situation? Why is it so difficult?! Share a story from your own parenting or interaction with kids/students where you did not stay calm. What was the response? What did you learn? How does being calm lead to being constructive? 
3. And point 3 was “Be Compassionate”. Compassion is one of three Strategic Priorities of One Life Church. How are you doing with the Compassion leg of your Mission Team? Do a quick evaluation.
Leaders, you can check out this quick video, share with your Team if you’d like:
Helping one another experience Jesus
Take your Team and go visit a Student Min Group. Pray for them, encourage them. Talk with your Campus Pastor or Student Min Site Director about the best way to make this happen. 
Helping people far from God experience Jesus
Now go and do the same thing out in the Community! Don’t do anything creepy, but go as a Team to something where Students are, e.g. Friday Night Football game. Just listen and learn. Pray for the Next Generation.