Faith & Work: Week 1

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. “If you’re a success it goes to your head, if you’re a failure it goes to your heart.” Have you ever thought about your Work as an idol? How does our identity in Christ challenge this? How does a proper view of your identity in Christ–your acceptance is not based on your performance–change how you view your Work?
2. Part of being on a Team is Knowing One Another’s Story. Go around and talk about your job. What is your Work? Why did you get into that line of work in the first place? What is one story where you have seen your faith and work intersect in a healthy way?
3. There is a fundamental dignity to all Work, and if you are in Christ there is no meaningless Work. The revolutionary idea is that the actual work itself that you are doing is bringing a picture of the future Kingdom into the present reality. The example given was a Street Sweeper. A Street Sweeper is bringing cleanliness and order to what was chaotic and messy. As a Team, try this with your own Work. With any job. How does the work you are doing create a image of the Kingdom of God in the hear and now?
Helping One Another Experience Jesus
The exit challenge from Campus Pastors Sunday was to notice and record one instant where you can apply the points from this weeks sermon. Write them down. Email them to each other. Be able to tell a story about it next time you gather.
Helping People Far From God Experience Jesus
Read Ephesians 6:5-9 together as a Team. One of the hang-ups some people have about the Bible is that it seems to condone some practices that today we see as injustice. What were some of the points from the sermon that Bret gave to help equip you to understand this passage? How could you explain this passage in a way that is helpful to others?