Model Family: Week 1

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. Read Ephesians 5:20-6:9 together as a Team. What observations do you immediately see when reading the passage? Did anything surprise you? What are the kind of things it lifts up? Where does it correct your thinking? 
2. The first point from the sermon was “give ourselves permission to have problems”. How can that sort of environment help our families? Church? Have some brave soul lead the way: What was the biggest challenge you faced as a parent? As a child? What is something you are dealing with now?
3. Broken families are a reality in our culture. How can you show compassion to a broken or hurting family you know? Actually come up with some things you will do.
Helping one another experience Jesus
In Ephesians 5:32 we see that our relationship with our spouses is meant to actually reveal Jesus Christ. To encourage each other, tell about the early days of your relationship with your spouse. Share stories that recall the first moments of love between the two of you. If you are not married, think of a favorite story of when you saw your parents displaying love for each other.
Helping people far from God experience Jesus
If you or someone you know is in the “distress” zone of marriage, please consider this option or consider sharing it with them:
Community Marriage Builders Revive — Skills for Distressed Couples