How Church? Week 2

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. The word of the week is ‘spoudazo’. The definition is, “To hasten, to work diligently, to endeavor in earnest.” Have you every thought about how this is a great description about God’s relationship with us? Explore examples in Scripture of when God ‘spoudazo-ed’ to create health and unity in His people. How does this fuel us?
2. What are some best practices you’ve experienced in creating Team unity? Have you tried some of the examples mentioned in the video above? How did they go? What’s something new you could try?
3. One of the biggest complaints people outside the Christian faith cite about the Church is the disunity and divisiveness among believers. Why do you think this exists? What is the remedy? How can you create unity among brothers and sisters in Christ? 
Helping people one another experience Jesus
Revisit question #2 above. Now come up with a plan to move it from discussion to reality. Make an action plan for trying to intentional acts of unity and team building over the next month. 
Helping people far from God experience Jesus
Part of why church’s seem lame is because they are known more for what they are against than what they are for. At One Life Church we want to be known for what we are adding to the communities where we plant churches. Review our list of values:
Where do you see these values alive on your Team? On your campus? What opportunities do you see to make these values come to life?