The Cure: Week 4

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Team Huddle the CURE Week 4 from One Life Church on Vimeo.
Worship, Love, Compassion
1. Often we equate purpose with success. And we often equate success with our personal success. How does what we’ve learned so far in Ephesians change the equation? What is a Christian definition of success? What is the purpose of the Church?
2. We are going to look ahead a little bit. Read Ephesians 2:11-22. The “therefore” tells us to look back and remember what came before effects what is to come. How does 2:1-10 help make sense of 2:11-22? How does our identity in Christ transform how we view others?
3. Pastor Trey taught us that the Greek word for “workmanship” (NIV) is the same root word we got “poem” from in English. How does this illustration help you understand this passage? What good would a poem do if it was written and on the shelf?
Helping One Another Experience Jesus
This past Sunday was Palm Sunday. It was a celebration of the King entering to take His rightful seat at the throne. Jesus of course flipped the expectation, His earthly throne being a cross. Go around and share just one way your life is different because Jesus is King of all.
Helping People far from God Experience Jesus
The big takeaway from this Sunday was: “You were created for a purpose.” Remember though, that this letter was written to the Church at Ephesus. It could just as easily be understood as: “You all were created for a purpose.” Take this time out to revisit why God has brought you together as a Team. What purpose does God have for your Team?