The Cure: Week 1

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Worship, Love, Compassion
1. What causes you to worship? How does thinking of the beauty and wonder of who God is and what He has done through Jesus take us to deeper levels of worship?
Read: Ephesians 2:1-3 together
2. What hangups might you or people you know have with the idea of total depravity? Why do you think Paul(the writer of Ephesians) decided to place this idea in between two sections talking about God’s plan and grace towards believers?
3. When thinking of our own depravity, how does this take us to higher levels of worship?
Helping One Another Experience Jesus
One way to worship Jesus together is to pray together. Take a moment in prayer. You can either pray out loud or to yourselves. 1. Thank God that he has loved us even when we were not very lovable. 2. Ask God for continued guidance and power to walk away from past desires, addictions, struggles and to walk closer with Him. 3. Pray for yourself and the other team members that they might worship God more deeply in light of what He has done for them.
Helping People Far From God Experience Jesus
How does the fact that this text is calling out believers about how they once lived affect how you see unbelievers and their actions? How does the concept of total depravity help us better love the people that God has placed in our lives and those whom our Mission Team is seeking to show the love of Jesus?