Soulful: Week 3

Austin Maxheimer   -  

Team Huddle-Soulful-week3 from One Life Church on Vimeo.

Worship, Love, Compassion

What is your personal experience with communion? Did you grow up going to church? What was your communion tradition? If you didn’t grow up going to church, what did you or do you think about communion now?
Jesus observed the first communion with his closest friends after a sharing a meal together. The bread and wine would have already been at the table and it would have been a pretty natural thing to direct it to God. What role do you think food, relationships and fellowship should play in communion? How can you you make communion more natural on your team?
How does forgiveness of sins provide you fullness of life?

Helping one another experience Jesus
Take Communion together as a Team. Helps for COMMUNION ON TEAMS — Kindly ignore the ‘groups’ language 
Communion in Groups
Helping people far from God experience Jesus
How would you explain communion to your friend who has never been to church? Work together as a team on how you might share with an unchurched friend who asked why you took communion.