More Advice from the 50+ Crowd

Bret Nicholson   -  

The first Sunday of the year 2015, I turned 50. It seemed significant enough to take the time to reflect back on life and process what I’ve learned so far. Even better, I asked the 50 plus crowd at our church to look back and pass along their advice.
The way I framed the question to them was: “Now that you are 50-plus, If you could give advice to your 20-year-old self, what would you say?”
I received more responses than I could ever share in a typical message. But, I didn’t want people to miss out on some great stuff.
Below is the first volume of the answers I received.
NOTES:1) The only editing I have done is for clarity and brevity in some cases. Otherwise, they are the way they were sent.
2) I think it’s best to hear them in their raw form. Mature adults can, as the old saying goes, “eat the meat and spit out the bones.”
3) The views expressed here are just that. . . views expressed by people who were asked a question. They do not necessarily represent One Life leadership.
Now that I’m 50 plus, I would say to my 20-year-old self:
· Less is more!
· Live in the precious present!Give 10% and save 10% of what you make, because everyone has a rainy day coming in their life.
· The first is you are much happier serving than being served. It always turns out you get way more back than you give.
The next thing is to love your spouse. It is the single best thing you’ll ever do for your family. There is no substitute for a loving and supportive home.
Find a good group of friends you can do life with, it’s truly a blessing and one of God’s greatest gifts.
· I have learned to spend time in God’s Word every day and live one day at a time. Ask forgiveness for failing and don’t look back. Keep your eyes on what you can do today. If God gives you an idea of something to do that looks impossible – try it anyway. If it succeeds give God the glory. If it fails-at least you tried. Regret and grudges will take you down. Stay focused on viewing life with Biblical and Kingdom views
· If I could go back instead of folding under pressure of having to work so hard to have enough money for kids stuff when they were preteen and teenage, I would not have fallen away from church and used Sunday as my ‘day of rest’ from life and the hustle and bustle of it all. I would stay the course and been involved with church and made sure, while I was still ‘in charge’, that my kids were involved in church. I would have loved them that much more. That is one of the biggest regrets of my life because now that they are young adults themselves only one is in church, the others have fallen away and don’t seem to ‘need’ it now. It’s irrelevant to them as far as their lives go and they are not making good choices. They seem very saddened and bitter with most things of the world and especially their own lives and where they are right now. I feel somewhat responsible for that because I didn’t give them a better foundation during their formative years.
· I would tell myself to not worry so much & trust God more!!
· I would have told myself I should have gotten a better education and taking life a little more seriously I’m not taking my loved ones for granted…
· Don’t borrow money, because the borrower becomes slave to the lender.Visit the people you love and tell your parents how much you appreciate them before it’s too late.Never pass up an opportunity to help a fellow human being.If someone requests prayer, pray with them immediately, don’t just say “I’ll keep you in my prayers”.Play with your kids, but also have them work with you.Teach your kids the value of selflessness.Never quit romancing your wife.Prepare your kids to be independent of you, and dependent on God.Do the right thing, regardless the cost, refuse to do the wrong thing, regardless the benefit.
· Would not change a thing. My past has made me who I am today. I love my family, friends. I am where GOD wants me and I am content with that.
· Put God & my child 1st & be careful who u let into your life. Marry someone that walks the walk, not just talks the talk when it comes to his relationship with the Lord.
· Would punch the young me a couple times and drag that young dumb soul back to school.Tell him to burn his fiances phone number.Maybe sign him up in the military too. Overkill?
· Just a few things come to mind right away.1. Work hard when you are young to reach your career and financial goals.2. Save more money when you are young.3. Find Christ and follow him for contentment, strength and guidance for item #1 above.4. Stay humble and help others….
· Be REAL in all circumstances. Know your own identity and be true to that, no matter what others think. Don’t fake it or compromise who you are. God is the only one we need to please.1. Make time to date spouse and children. Be intentional on setting up time with each and try to connect in a way that suits their temperament.
2. When driving or traveling listen to Christian music or radio or audio books/Bible to redeem the time and grow spiritually as well as be refreshed.
3. Find a ministry that suits your spiritual gifts and let God anoint your efforts while teaching and stretching you.
4. Read and/or listen to God’s word daily. Find a translation that you readily understand and work a Bible reading plan or use a One Year or Chronological Bible.
More to Come!