Holy Discontent: A Myanmar Trip Blog

Brittney Gomez   -  

The following was written by Jeremy Hawkins during his recent trip to Myanmar with Uncharted International:
I just wanted to start off by saying that the CP (church planter’s) conference will go down as one of the top 5 moments of my life. Yesterday we sent them off with a very nice service where we washed the CP’s feet, gave them new Bibles and devotionals, and we all took communion together. These men and women are heroes in my book. I pray that they will continue to be filled with the Spirit.

There were two things yesterday that completely wrecked me. The first was when we went to the largest Buddhist temple in the world. As we walked up to it, we prayed that Myanmar would become a Christian nation. While I was walking and praying, I just saw darkness. These people were without emotion, and did not seem to have any hope. I passed many monks and prayed that they would see the love of God in their lifetime, and follow Christ. It was a very eye opening thing to be able to pray for this nation at the temple.
Last night as we came back to our hotel, a team member and I were walking together and passed a young girl who was possibly 17-18 years old. We said hi to her and walked to our rooms. We stood at our doors and talked for a while, and witnessed something that brought me to tears. The young girl was with a man who was more than likely her handler or pimp. A couple of minutes pass, and two older gentleman met the handler and took the girl to their room. When we said hi to her she didn’t even crack a smile. You could see the pain in her face. Seeing this broke me. I prayed most of the night for that young girl, that she would be rescued from this hell. Sex trafficking is alive and well, and it needs to end. I am thankful that Uncharted is dedicated to restoring the lives of women who have been caught in trafficking. We need to help end this! I’m not sure how or what, but I am planning on doing something.
Overall this trip has been phenomenal, and has been truly a blessing in my life. I know that God had plans for me seeing the things that I witnessed, and I am going to continue praying for the country of Myanmar. I pray that one day it will be a Christian nation, and human trafficking will cease to exist.
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