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At One Life, we make a big deal out of the Global Leadership Summit every year.  We challenge ALL of our people to attend.  As we approach the cut-off for the best price at midnight tonight, here’s some reasons you ought to go for it and invest 2 days of your life in the highest quality leadership development available.

10.  It is artfully done.  Most “training seminars” are pretty dry.  The GLS is the opposite.  GLS producers provide the very best in leadership training content punctuated by beautifully and strategically produced music and art moments which help engage the mind and inspire the heart. Plus, there’s a comedian who drops in at just the right time when you need a good laugh.
9.  It gets better every year. . . intentionally.  One of the reasons we are so involved with this thing is the GLS leaders involve us in the process.   Every year One Life and other host site leaders get to review, critique and make suggestions on how to improve future Summits.  And, the producers listen.  This year will be even better than last and last year was the best one I had ever been a part of.
8.  It’s above your head.  Every year there are segments included which are intentionally designed to make you think on higher levels.  At least one high level, Harvard-type, talk is always added to the mix to make you think in whole new way.  In fact, this year, the talk will be from Erica Ariel Fox, a lecturer at the Harvard Law School. No one wants brain atrophy.  Come and think new thoughts.  Learn.
7. It’s aimed at your heart.  While you will be challenged to think on new levels, you will be moved by profound moments of worship where God can speak clearly with refreshment, encouragement and challenge. There are sessions called “Heart Sessions.”
6.  It moves you forward.  The GLS leaders scan the horizon for LEADERS. . . the voices of people who are looking to tomorrow and inspire hope.  The GLS will help you shed the weight of yesterday and get a vision for what is possible today and tomorrow.
5. We are kind of silly (or, heaven forbid, blinded by pride?) to think we don’t need the topics:  Consider “Mastering the Art of Crucial Conversations” or  “The Most Dangerous Mistakes Leaders Make.” Or how about a 3 part session called “Heart Sessions:  A Grander Vision”?  It’s hard to imagine any of us saying to ourselves, “Pass. I don’t need any of that.” (Look at the full schedule of the Summit here.)
4.  It’s used by God to restore souls. Psalm 23 says, “he restores my soul.” Restoring souls takes a mix of the message of forgiveness, bright new ideas, re-inspired passions, understandable instructions and tangible hope. . . all in the power of the Holy Spirit. Could you use some “soul restoration”?  I’ve watched GLS serve that need over and over again.  
3.  It gets your priorities back in order.  One of life’s great battles is to keep the main things the main things. Life will bury you in trivia.  Taking two full days to be challenged, to learn, to grow, to be reminded of what matters and how to pursue it is an effective way to win the battle for the right priorities.
2. It inspires the courage to act.   God puts calls to “exploits” into all of us – challenging us to step out and do things that take us above the levels of mediocrity.  The GLS is two days of helping you get vividly clear on next steps and inspiring you to act. It does not leave you with mere inspiration, but teaches you how to move forward with God-given confidence.  Few things could be more valuable in your ONE AND ONLY LIFE.
1. It equips you to help others. The Global Leadership Summit could be re-named the “The Global How-to-Effectively-Serve-and-Make-a Positive-Impact–in-Others-Lives Summit.”  (But “Leadership” has a snappier sound to it).  In Jesus’ kingdom, leadership is just that. . . serving and helping others.   Don’t go to the Summit just for yourself.  Go because, as they say at the Summit,  EVERYBODY WINS when a leader gets better. Sign up because people around you are going to win if you get better.
What an amazing opportunity we all have to allow God to work in us in new ways.  One Lifers, let’s all get better.
Cant wait,